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Member Chatbox

5/27/16 4:57 AM
RewardingWays: audacior has completed Enter to win a 1000 to spend at Aldi! worth 19 points.
5/27/16 4:58 AM
RewardingWays: kalyan_kuet has completed SSI Daily Survey (Worldwide) worth $0.54.
5/27/16 4:58 AM
RewardingWays: kalyan_kuet has just earned $1.24 in CASH.
5/27/16 4:58 AM
RewardingWays: audacior has just earned $1.08 in CASH.
5/27/16 5:06 AM
RewardingWays: bpau has just earned $1.01 in CASH.
5/27/16 5:07 AM
5/27/16 5:09 AM
RewardingWays: MarilenaK has completed Healthcare worth 36 points.
5/27/16 5:12 AM
RewardingWays: Jonamy has completed Wannads worth 46.2 points.
AU - 5/27/16 5:13 AM
nitekissed: Ican't seem to get any surveys today :(
IT - 5/27/16 5:16 AM
MarilenaK: can i change my paypal email?
5/27/16 5:17 AM
RewardingWays: jleannsmith has completed LiveSample USA - Daily Survey worth $0.90.
CA - 5/27/16 5:18 AM
Mountaineer: @MarilenaK - Yes- send a support tiket in with Subject Heading: Paypal address change and then give details- new paypal address and reason for change
BG - 5/27/16 5:19 AM
kokomal: They havent paid my pendings 12 hours already can i complain somewhere?
CA - 5/27/16 5:19 AM
5/27/16 5:20 AM
RewardingWays: TunaFB has completed GlobalTestMarket - Daily - AUS worth $1.20.
BG - 5/27/16 5:20 AM
kokomal: Ok ty
CA - 5/27/16 5:21 AM
Mountaineer: @kokomal - If your pending offers are rfom an Offer wall go to the Offer wall and there is a support link located on the Wall and follow directions
5/27/16 5:21 AM
RewardingWays: TunaFB has just earned $1.40 in CASH.
IT - 5/27/16 5:22 AM
MarilenaK: thank you!
CA - 5/27/16 5:22 AM
Mountaineer: @MarilenaK - :-p
AU - 5/27/16 5:28 AM
nitekissed: Hey, thanks for the $1 the other day :)
AU - 5/27/16 5:28 AM
bpau: I ran out of surveys with alot of the AUS ones
CA - 5/27/16 5:29 AM
Mountaineer: @nitekissed - no problem;-)
AU - 5/27/16 5:30 AM
nitekissed: I'm running out of surveys big time. Do I just leave it for a few days?
CA - 5/27/16 5:31 AM
Mountaineer: @bpau - it happens.....just have to try another time....usually try again in after 3-4 hours when they reload surveys
AU - 5/27/16 5:33 AM
bpau: yeah i have ran out on a few for a few days now. Guess they might take a few days to get new ones.
CA - 5/27/16 5:33 AM
Mountaineer: Surveys are loaded up on Eastern Standard time in the USA usually 9am-12pm and 2pm
AU - 5/27/16 5:34 AM
bpau: so many of the people i referred signed up and didnt even do any surveys or offers
CA - 5/27/16 5:35 AM
Mountaineer: And remember Monday is Holiday there- Memorial Day so will not be loading any new surveys loaded on Monday
CA - 5/27/16 5:36 AM
Mountaineer: @bpau - You can email mass email all your referals here and tell them what they are missing on
AU - 5/27/16 5:39 AM
nitekissed: @bpau - I got 14 hits on my ref link but no bites :'(
CA - 5/27/16 5:39 AM
Mountaineer: @nitekissed - So far your Referral link has received 51,880 Hits. :-p
AU - 5/27/16 5:40 AM
bpau: WOW
CA - 5/27/16 5:41 AM
Mountaineer: Withdraws 5,328.7524 :-d
AU - 5/27/16 5:42 AM
AU - 5/27/16 5:42 AM
bpau: insane
5/27/16 5:46 AM
RewardingWays: hzrong has completed Cint Survey Express Router - China worth $0.45.
5/27/16 5:46 AM
RewardingWays: kungfu4000 has completed MyThoughtCounts - USA (long version) worth $1.50.
5/27/16 5:47 AM
RewardingWays: kungfu4000 has just earned $1.50 in CASH.
5/27/16 5:48 AM
RewardingWays: Jonamy has completed Healthcare worth 36 points.
5/27/16 5:48 AM
RewardingWays: good45 has just earned $4.35 in CASH.
5/27/16 5:50 AM
RewardingWays: dominus80 has just earned $1.17 in CASH.
5/27/16 5:53 AM
RewardingWays: phillhome48 has completed LifeScript - Summer BBQ | US worth 36 points.
5/27/16 5:53 AM
RewardingWays: ze1ze has just earned $1.25 in CASH.
5/27/16 6:01 AM
RewardingWays: Jonamy has completed Healthcare worth 36 points.
5/27/16 6:03 AM
RewardingWays: knyghtman has completed Opinion Surveys USA (New!) worth $0.70.
5/27/16 6:03 AM
RewardingWays: kalyan_kuet has completed Say So For Good - 15 Minute Survey worth $0.90.
5/27/16 6:05 AM
5/27/16 6:10 AM
RewardingWays: knyghtman has just earned $1.40 in CASH.
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