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Member Chatbox

GB - 11/28/15 8:52 AM
ajd84: Csn u see it on system them
US - 11/28/15 8:52 AM
maryp30: @ajd84 - its pending right now lol
RO - 11/28/15 8:53 AM
Newquay: @Mountaineer - i complete this offer: Payment Proof Image - Upload To Internet Forum (New Higher Payout) when i will got pay?
CA - 11/28/15 8:53 AM
Mountaineer: @Rinnz - explain? Surveys if completed correctly will be credited to your account as soon as we receive credit
US - 11/28/15 8:53 AM
maryp30: @ajd84 - you just have to be paitent they are very busy
CA - 11/28/15 8:54 AM
Mountaineer: @Newquay - admin is busy this weekend working on RW page- should credit within 24 hours
RO - 11/28/15 8:54 AM
Newquay: @Mountaineer - thx :D
CA - 11/28/15 8:55 AM
Mountaineer: @ajd84 - max for instant is $20 -if exceeded then will be processed manually in 6-12 hours
RO - 11/28/15 8:55 AM
Rinnz: @Mountaineer - well I completed 4 surveys yesterday and still received nothing and done 4 other surveys today and still nothing.
GB - 11/28/15 8:56 AM
ajd84: Ok thanks.
11/28/15 8:57 AM
RewardingWays: suaouon has completed Daily Survey Router USA worth $0.70.
CA - 11/28/15 8:58 AM
Mountaineer: @Rinnz - waht surveys did you complete yesterday that appear on you pending list on this link
CA - 11/28/15 8:58 AM
RO - 11/28/15 9:00 AM
Rinnz: Global Survey Router (INTL)
RO - 11/28/15 9:00 AM
Rinnz: Lucky Pacific Survey Router - Daily
RO - 11/28/15 9:00 AM
Rinnz: Your Surveys (INTL)
RO - 11/28/15 9:00 AM
Rinnz: SSI Daily Survey (Worldwide)
RO - 11/28/15 9:01 AM
Rinnz: that's what i did yesterday, the same i did today.
RO - 11/28/15 9:01 AM
Newquay: @Mountaineer - i did yesterday this offers me to and i dont got paid
CA - 11/28/15 9:01 AM
Mountaineer: what country are you located in?
RO - 11/28/15 9:02 AM
Rinnz: Romania.
RO - 11/28/15 9:02 AM
Newquay: Romania
11/28/15 9:03 AM
RewardingWays: suaouon has completed Say So for Good Survey - USA worth $1.10.
CA - 11/28/15 9:03 AM
Mountaineer: TY- one minute please
RO - 11/28/15 9:07 AM
CA - 11/28/15 9:08 AM
Mountaineer: @Rinnz - send a support ticket into admin listing the surveys that are on your pending list that your completed yesterday and today as there maybe a broken communication between Romania and the RW software
CA - 11/28/15 9:09 AM
Mountaineer: @Newquay - if your issue is also for surveys do the same
RO - 11/28/15 9:09 AM
Rinnz: thanks mate.
CA - 11/28/15 9:09 AM
Mountaineer: @Newquay - if your issue is offers completed on offer walls you have to send support ticket to the offer wall
RO - 11/28/15 9:10 AM
Rinnz: Hope I will get my pay :)
US - 11/28/15 9:11 AM
maryp30: @Rinnz - you will just be patient
CA - 11/28/15 9:12 AM
Mountaineer: @maryp30 - patient is not in my dictionary- what does that mean:-p
RO - 11/28/15 9:13 AM
Rinnz: @maryp30 - well I know some people which got their pay in less than 12 hours, and I didn't received anything in more than 24 hours :d
CA - 11/28/15 9:13 AM
Mountaineer: oh i understand- no i am not a patient currently at a hospital
11/28/15 9:14 AM
RewardingWays: Grover1 has completed OfferToro worth 94 points.
CA - 11/28/15 9:15 AM
Mountaineer: @Rinnz - admin will check situation out and investigate once you send ticket in- when your ticket shows pending- open up ticket and see admins reply
US - 11/28/15 9:15 AM
maryp30: @Mountaineer - whoops didnt realize i misspelled it lol
RO - 11/28/15 9:16 AM
Rinnz: @Mountaineer - I made a ticket. :d - patient means to wait.
CA - 11/28/15 9:16 AM
Mountaineer: @maryp30 - 8-)
US - 11/28/15 9:16 AM
CA - 11/28/15 9:17 AM
Mountaineer: Happy Earnings All- Catch you laters
US - 11/28/15 9:18 AM
maryp30: @Mountaineer - have a good day
RO - 11/28/15 9:18 AM
Rinnz: @Mountaineer - see ya :)
11/28/15 9:18 AM
RewardingWays: Grover1 has just earned $1.51 in CASH.
11/28/15 9:20 AM
RewardingWays: imuniquebaby has completed OfferToro worth 42 points.
11/28/15 9:23 AM
11/28/15 9:23 AM
RewardingWays: Ysnragh has just earned $1.05 in CASH.
11/28/15 9:35 AM
RewardingWays: suaouon has just earned $7.30 in CASH.
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